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Local server

This can be handy, e.g. if you intend to use it only for your own purposes, if you want set up a quick solution over intranet, if you want restrict access to local network of if you want to design your hypha and fill it with content locally, before exposing it globally by moving it to a web server.

>> How to setup a local server on Linux, Windows or MacOS.

Remote server

Installation on a remote server is essentially the same as installation on a local server. An important difference however is that you may register a domain name and have it refer to your server.

>> How to setup a DNS record.

Virtual Private Server

Most hosting providers will offer you an option to rent a VPS. This is probably the cheapest way to arrange for a website that is (almost) fully onder your own control. You get to decide which operating system to install and how it is configured. When you install hypha on a secure open source operating system you will have no dependencies on third party software, so you can be confident that no information of users or visitors will be sold or compromized that way.

One caveat of course is the trust you will have to put in your hosting provider.

>> How to setup a VPS.

Docker image

Docker is way to implement a virtual machine, which can run inside a VPS or on a local or remote machine. Read more about Docker.

>> How to setup a Docker image.

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